By adding multi-account management capabilities, Vitriol Invest both helps professional executives make more profit and helps novice traders avoid financial losses and make more profit. Vitriol Invest’s multi-account management capability allows professional money managers to trade for their clients and manage their clients’ transactions. The money manager can easily trade multiple accounts with his main account. Managing multiple Forex accounts by a manager has the benefits that are described below.

Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed for Money Managers

Vitriol Investment’s MAM program allows professional Money Managers to trade on behalf of their clients. A Money Manager can easily execute block trades on all accounts with his single master account.

Benefits and Features of Multi Account Manager (MAM)

The multi account manager feature, which Vitriol Invest has provided for its users, has many benefits for money managers and makes them earn more money, and novice traders will not suffer financial losses despite such a possibility.

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2 allocation methods:

  • Proportional by balance
  • Proportional by equity
  • Other allocation methods on request
  • Trade sizes from 0.01 lots
  • Expert Advisors (EA) allowed
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts
  • All usual order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit
  • Large product range
  • Fast and reliable MT4 servers
Conditions for a Money Manager

  • Money Manager should deposit at least $5,000 of his own money.
  • Money Manager should have at least 2-3 clients with a total equity of $5,000 or equivalent.
  • Money Manager’s own Meta Trader 4 account will be attached to his master account together with his clients’ accounts.