Tonight at 9:30 Tehran time, We will have the interest rate determination and the statement of the Federal Open Market Committee ahead.

Due to forecasts, the rate changes with low interest, and if you look at price movements of EUR/USD and the JPY/USD you will find out that they are not very inclined to move fast at the moment, but in case that the slightest changes occur to interest rate, without a doubt, we will face unpredictable price movements.

In the following, we will deal with the possible scenarios ahead, the market reacts immediately

If interest rates change, and we may see as much as 100 to 200 pips fast price movements, Meanwhile, gold is likely to experience one of the extreme moves.

In case of the Federal Reserve does not change interest rates but announces that it intends to do this in the next meetings, the dollar will be strong against other currencies.

Conversely, if the Federal Reserve announces currently has no decision to change the rate, we will see the dollar drop off.

Therefore, most investors and banks are waiting for reports to publish in the next few hours

fomc چیست
fomc meeting

Aside from the interest rate, the report is important because it is about the US economic situation, and this statement is published eight times a year and will provide detailed information about the financial and economic conditions.

Dr.Pouria Jahanbakhshian

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